Mar 22

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Today was a wonderful day. We went to the picture gallery read more. This is an interesting experience in my life. It turns out there are a lot of beautiful paintings that were written by great people find out more. At such times, you understand that even on the next street a talented person can live find out more. They tend to throw out their feelings. He finds inspiration and begins to create. Sublimates his feelings on paper click here. Most often this is a fairly long process. It can last days, months and even years. Thus, their creations are amazing. Sometimes, in order to write a picture, it takes less time read more. A muse comes and the person immediately starts working. Artists are very impressionable people and it would seem that simple things passing through their perception acquire their own, not repeatable character read more. In some, there was an interesting deviation from normal perception. Called the Synesthesia read more. This is a very entertaining phenomenon of human perception info. At which all feelings acquire a pronounced character. Color the whole spectrum of feelings. It’s like mixing together. A person can see the sound that flies around the room in the form of some color read more. Each color gets its own smell or shape. Which is difficult to convey in simple words. These feelings are not typical of ordinary people. Originally, at the time when this phenomenon was discovered, but it happened in the 19th century information. He was considered a psychological deviation. Pathology. It is clear why. But after long-term studies it was found that synaesthesia is perfectly normal, simply observed in an extremely small group of people in view of its rarity find out more. Each artist over time develops his own style by which you can find out his work info. After this trip I was under the impression and began to search for information about this disease. It turns out that they “possess” only 4% of people. From which we can conclude – this is a very rare phenomenon. There are a huge number of species, but you can divide it into only two forms click here. The first form – the person sees and hears all the feelings with additional qualities. That is, it feels the texture of color or sound, sees the smell as geometric figures. Or perceives it in the color spectrum. But this happens in parallel with the normal and familiar for all of us perception read more. In this case, a person can not normalize his feelings, since they are weaved together. The second form is synaesthesia at the level of associations. Steady associations are fixed on certain stimuli, but this feeling is quite abstract. This is not a physical sensation, as in the first form information . This is not an ordinary game of imagination, as it may seem. For example, a person associates his whole life with number 2 with a flamingo of green color, and Tchaikovsky’s music with a triangle click here. These associations arise in any context of what is happening. Such people, as it is not difficult to guess from the birth of a very well-developed memory, This is simply because it is very easy for such people to create an associative series click here. Because they do not even need to create and remember. The first time I heard a new word to check. A person with a synaesthesia will automatically create an association. That is, the black color of such a person is associated with dark chocolate, then with any mention of black color, chocolate will be remembered. And unlike ordinary people this associative series, once created find out more. It will never be lost and lost. Simply because it differs from other images dramatically information. From this it is not difficult to conclude – synesthesia is even a deviation from the standard, but it does not bring anything wrong with itself. Synesthesia is not a stigma, but the best assistant in many ways click here. It only complements a person’s feelings, makes him more receptive. So this wonderful phenomenon is more of a fat plus than a minus to check. They feel the world differently. Not quite like all of us. Sharpened feelings info. Most often these are creative people who find their own way to their liking and succeed. On this site you can learn a lot of interesting information that will help you in your future life information. I know for myself. It’s nice when all the information you need is kindly and carefully collected by a kind person in one place and allows you not to run anywhere to find everything you need read more. It’s not hard to guess why such sites are made read more. After all, people are the same and their desire to understand is not difficult to check. If there is a need to do something, there will always be a person who will do it. I already said about the sites. But unfortunately not all of them are equally comfortable to check. I for myself have chosen a couple for which I constantly go and check the information click here. In fact, not everything that is written on the Internet is true. That’s why you need to find a place for yourself that you will trust. So you can save a lot of time.