Social Security:

If you have suffered an injury or an illness that has prevented you from being able to work you may be eligible for social security disability benefits.


Veterans Resources

These publications and organizations that provide resources and assistance to veterans.

Social Security

Social Security

VA Disability

VA Disability

U.S. military nuclear testing

Case Study – U.S. military nuclear testing

Joel Ban represents the widow of the Veteran in her VA claim for death and indemnity compensation and accrued benefits for her husband’s service due to the VA’s repeated denials of her claims. Mr. Ban continues representation though all levels of the VA appeal process including the Court of Appeals of Veterans Claims. …

The Charges:

VA’s repeated denials of her claims.

The Verdict:

An award of service connection benefits and compensation to the widow.

Client Testimonials:

After having issues with VA in trying to acquire disability benefits, I went to Google search and actually found Joel Ban on the first search page. His seasoned experience in dealing with VA and veteran benefits was enough for me to contact his office and ask for representation. So far, he's been right there for me. He answers all my questions and addresses all of my concerns. I'm confident in his abilities and legal advice; I've actually referred two of my friends (Military Veterans) to his office.If you're looking for someone with experience, who will stand up and fight for you, then Joel Ban is the guy you're looking for.
Dave B US Air Force Retired, CLIENT